Retail Branding Program

Melzer’s Fuel Servicers Inc. offers the GULF and KEYSTONE brands for retail fuel facilities in Northeast Ohio, Western and Central Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Western New York. Both brands offer competitive offerings that allows the retailer and convenient store operator to compete in all areas with excellent promotional programs, credit card coverage and competitive pricing to grow their business at a reduced cost versus other brands.

Worldwide, people of all ages recognize and share positive associations with the Gulf orange disc. While some are fans of Gulf racing, others embrace the nostalgia surrounding the brands rich history for over 100 years. Gulf has continued to enhance the brand with over 1400 branded locations across 36 states and Puerto Rico, by developing competitive and innovative programs.

KEYSTONE is an iconic brand in Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York under the guidance support of United Refining located in Warren, PA. Keystone offers competitive fuel programs to enhance the fuel dealer or convenient store’s ability to be competitive at all levels.

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