Fuel Oil / Home Heating Oil

Aggressive Fuel Oil Prices and Prompt Delivery

Home heating oil prices never cause a worry for our customers, who can always rely on Melzer’s Fuel to deliver heating oil at the best prices and with the highest reliability anywhere. All across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, we provide superior service.

Does Your New Home Need Fuel Oil?

One call is all it takes. We will perform the tank inspection or we can provide a new tank for your home. We can complete installation of the Smart-Tank system and then fill the tank with heating oil in the same visit. You’ll never have to arrange another refill thanks to Smart-Tank.


We blanket Ohio. From the great big cities like Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Cincinatti, Canton, Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown to suburban towns like Chagrin Falls, Bainbridge, Auburn, Aurora, Streetsboro, Kent, and Champion Heights or in the far-flung farming communities away from the congestion, we will deliver the great fuel oil prices you need.

More about heating oil

Home heating oil is similar to Kerosene and Diesel fuel, but there are some important differences. Home Heating oil differs from other fuel oil varieties in the overall density of the compound as well as the percentage of waxes and other petroleum components. Home Heating oil is specifically formulated for clean burning flames, rather than high the explosive properties needed for combustion engines. Producing 140,000 BTU’s per gallon, Heating Oil is one of the most efficient methods for heating your home.