Melzer’s Fuel Service, Inc. Serves Customers All Throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York.

When your business demands results, Mobil Diesel Efficient™ fuel will help deliver optimal engine performance, improve productivity and enhance efficiency. And it’s available now.

Bolstering industry leading technology, coupled with experienced staff, MFS can service your location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while always offering creative, time saving solutions.

Melzer’s Fuel Service offers a range of different fuel products from Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Home Heating Oil and more. We offer on-site delivery to all our service areas.

Never worry about efficient heat for your home. When your supply of home heating oil runs low, a signal is sent to Melzer’s Fuel and a refill delivery is automatically scheduled.

MFS offers the most innovative, wireless fuel monitoring system, Smart Tank! Our monitoring system accurately measures the fuel in your tank 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

MFS supplies marine gas and diesel fuel on The Great Lakes, as well as inland lakes throughout our service area.

Commercial, direct to vehicle fueling, all hours of the day.

Melzer’s Fuel Service carries a wide variety of lubricants for commercial and industrial applications, as well as passenger cars.

Service Tank Line stores and distributes petroleum products for hire. Our fleet is made up of a wide variety trailer sizes and compartments.

Mobil Diesel Effecient

Winter Performance Guaranteed*

Cold Flow Improver (CFI) is injected at the terminal over the winter months to help provide the cold weather operability you need to keep your business moving.

*Limited warranty for winter fuel gelling. Assumes consistent use of unadulterated Winterized Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel provided by Melzer’s by commercial customers receiving Winterized Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel directly to the unit, underground or above ground storage tanks or at Melzer’s fuel stations. Warranty claims are all subject to testing and assessment by both Melzer’s and ExxonMobil representatives.

Who Are We?

Where quality products and personalized service is what you will come to expect. Make Melzer’s Fuel Service your choice.

We have the oils, lubricants and fuels that will suit all of your residential, farm, industrial and commercial needs. Make your selection above to learn about our offered services, products, and special programs.

Why choose us?


We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service with quick, reliable delivery. We know down time costs you money.


We ship our products with our own Transport and Tank Wagon Fleet, allowing us to offer the highest quality at competitive pricing, giving our customers a fair return on their investment.


We invest in the most cutting edge technology fuel delivery has to offer, always providing high-quality service and value to our customers.